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In our many years in business we are proud to have gained hundreds of satisfied clients. We offer personalized and diligent tax service to help maximize their returns, and are able to give them expert guidance for the future.

But don’t take our word for it — see what they have to say!


Carol & Ray Dethorne
“We’ve used Joseph J Montone & Co. for our tax preparation for many years. Their staff is always friendly and willing to help whenever we call. Getting your taxes done can get very stressful, but when we got them done by Joe and his staff, we’ve only experienced a stress-free process. We’re confident that Joe is always aware of new tax regulations — both state and federal. Thanks for your patience every year, Joe!”

Dr. and Mrs. John Hackett
“Joe Montone has been our tax guy for at least 38 years! Our first visit was in our home around the kitchen table. We did our taxes, solved our problems and then talked about family vacations and world issues. As Joe's business grew, we left our kitchen table and went to his office. Joe never changed. It was always business first and conversation after. He loves talking about his boys. And now he has a new grandchild to talk about and I hope to see pictures! Joe has always been there for us and is never too busy to help with any of our problems. We plan on many more years with Joe and our family stories.”

Mike Mango, Owner of Car Essentials
“We’ve been in business for 27 years. During that time, Joseph J. Montone & Co. has provided us with great service. He helped us with business startup, accounting, business plans and personal tax prep. We’re very satisfied and would recommend this company to everyone for both business and personal services.”

Ryan and Nicole Falzo
“Joe is an excellent tax advisor who knows the ins and outs of tax laws. He’ll make sure you and your family are taken care of properly.”

Tony Marturano
“I’ve been getting my taxes done with Joe Montone for years! After a few bad experiences with other companies, Joe was a refreshing change of pace. Joe is always efficient with the paperwork and takes the time to make sure nothing was missed and that I fully understand the process. I highly recommend Montone & Co. to anyone looking to get their taxes done right and at a very reasonable rate.”

Anne Moon
“Joe has been preparing my taxes for longer than I can remember! He is a personable man that greets you with a smile on his face. Joe is easy to talk to, and is always looking for better ways to serve his clients, is extremely knowledgable and current on tax laws/regulations. I have great confidence in Joe, and would highly recommend him!”

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